Keeping LIVE Music ALIVE by Connecting Live Artists and Local Venues to the People

Looking for a place to listen to music, dance or hang with friends?

See The Bands is dedicated to connecting Local Venues and Artists to the people.

ARTISTS, connecting to the public is quick and simple!

Register at See The Bands and increase your regular fan base. Update your PROFILE with your band’s links, bio, photos and song clips, then list your next gig and showcase your events in the EVENTS section. As listeners search for local venues, your band’s information will automatically populate giving the listener a feel for your music and help them better choose where to go and who to hear.

VENUES, would you like to reach more people?

The more information people can find about your venue the better. Registering at See the Bands allows you to post pictures, reviews, links, and scheduled events. See the Bands is committed to connecting the listeners to the artist by searching a venue or genre in our database to help easily find who is playing where you are.